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Twitter is divided over a simple question: How do you draw an X?

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Editor : Taha Büyüktaş

Now, how did you go about it? The left stroke first, downward, then the correct, or the correct stroke first, upward? Turns on the market are a number of methods.

The query of how people instinctively draw an X has gone viral, because of a thread by Twitter person @SMASEY. It is divided Twitter in a method we've not seen because the complete Yanny/Laurel debate of 2018. 

"Which method do you draw an X?" she requested, presenting eight potentialities, every exhibiting a special color for the primary stroke and arrows indicating the route of the strokes.

Also this is so interesting to me - which way do you draw an X? Colored line being the first stroke

— sixers smasey (@SMASEY) 20 Ocak 2019

Some folks had been assured of their reply, others much less so. Many, like myself, weren't even actually conscious there have been a number of methods to attract an X — for the file, I am a seven.


People who draw bottom to top are also the ones that put their toilet paper on the holder the wrong way.

— Eddie (@NinjaJenssen) 20 Ocak 2019

Is there anyone who doesn't do a 7/8?

— Ngonidzashe (@Ngonijay95) 20 Ocak 2019


Why would I finish opposite to where my pen needs to go next?

— Steve Curtis (@curtisteve) 20 Ocak 2019


There are other ways?

— Hannah Wilks (@newballsplease) 20 Ocak 2019

sat here testing myself

— ً (@bcfchxrry) 20 Ocak 2019

me realising there are other ways to draw an 'x' ????

— Shego (@LadyBellatrix) 20 Ocak 2019

Depending on if you’re right or left handed it should be 7 or 8. What kind of sick person draws an X any other way

— Aokiji クザン (@DukeOfZamunda) 20 Ocak 2019

Which method do you X?