We know the first details of the specification and the expected price of PlayStation 5

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Editor : Said Murat
Category : Game

In recent days, information about the next-generation console from Sony has been regularly reaching us and we would love to share them with you all.

First, the Japanese decided to officially announce that they will not appear at next year's exhibition of E3, causing the players shock and disbelief, because the Sony conference has been one of the most awaited for years. Does this mean that they have nothing interesting to show us? Definitely not! And we know it from other leaks, which reveal that the reason for this and not another decision of the group is the desire to organize their own event.

80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony

These suggested that Sony will share with us the first details about its next-generation console - PlayStation 5 - to officially disclose it during the December PlayStation Experience 2019, because it's hard to imagine a better opportunity and bring it to sales in March or November of the next year.

Today's reports bring even more spicy details, and more specifically the first information about the specifications. Our source on this topic points out that PlayStation 5 is a real monster supporting 4K resolution in 60 fps, equipped with 8-core CPU Ryzen from AMD. What's more, the source mentions that the expected premiere price of next-gene is 500 USD (in the US), and the developers have already received from Sony dev kit PS5.

It has three great titles at the start, which will go to PlayStation 4 first, and Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. Unfortunately, we still do not know anything about backward compatibility, although it can be assumed that the PS5 will offer it. What's more, the successors are also looking forward to the Playstation VR goggles, and Sony is also working on the next generation of Move controllers and a completely new control using virtual reality gloves.

Will these reports be confirmed? It's hard to say. We are still talking only about rumors, and the producer may also decide on many changes until the premiere. There is nothing left for us to do but wait for official announcements from Sony.