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We managed to teleport 10,000 bits of information, thanks to quantum entanglement

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The 2020s will pass with the creation of technologies related to quantum teleportation of data over huge distances. The quantum entanglement of electrons is much higher than the speed of light.

The latest calculations show that changes at the quantum level can occur in particles at a speed of not less than 3 billion km/s, while the speed of light is only 300,000 km/s. However, it is not the quantum entanglement speed that is most important, because we cannot use it anyway due to limitations that cannot be physically missed, but the fact that we can create an incredibly effective and secure communication network over huge distances and improve quantum computers.

The groundbreaking experiment was conducted by scientists from the Federal Polytechnic in Zurich. They created a 7 by 7 millimeter computer chip. It was equipped with three micron-sized electronic systems, of which two of these systems act as transmitters, and the third served as the receiver. Of course, the whole system has been cooled to a temperature close to absolute zero to trap electrons in its systems and force them to work in conditions consistent with quantum mechanics.

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An electron, i.e. in this system a quantum bit (transmitter), during quantum entanglement with another electron (receiver), which is 3 billion kilometers away from it, can change its state in less than a second. Scientists call this state quantum information teleportation. For now, it is one big secret for the world of physics, but we can already start using it in quantum networks of the future. Such technologies have been successfully tested by the Chinese for some time. It is safe to say that they are global pioneers in this field.

Step behind them, however, are scientists from the European Union who want to use these benefits in scientific research. The most important aspect will be the ability to create extremely advanced applications that cannot be built and used using a classic computer. Researchers from Switzerland have successfully transmitted 10,000 bits of information under laboratory conditions using their quantum network.

This is currently a world record, but the use of new opportunities will still take a long time. Computers and quantum networks are very unstable technologies. The electronic equipment must be cooled down to absolute zero and no external interference may occur during their operation. Any slightest change in temperature or conditions immediately ends in interruption of the entanglement and irreversible destruction of the information.

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