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When should expect the 8K movies on our TVs? 

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Editor : Said Murat

No, we are not talking about the European countries. For now, televisions in 8K quality will be under thatched roofs only in Japan. 

The operator NHK plans to expand its programming offer in this resolution with terrestrial television. For two years, NHK has been offering 12-hour entertainment in 8K quality on its BS8K satellite channel. Now it's time for terrestrial television, thanks to which the amazing quality of the programs will come under the thatched roofs. The Japanese want to popularize this standard as soon as possible, due to the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will take place next year.

NHK intends to broadcast selected sports events in 8K quality in the Land of Cherry Blossoms and around the world. The Japanese have so far tested broadcasts in this quality using the HEVC codec, but eventually it will be VVC, which will be officially presented around 2020 and implemented in 2022.

80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony

The Japanese public radio and television broadcaster wants to offer 8K quality programs also in live broadcasts on mobile devices, all via the future 5G network. NHK believes that it will be possible to introduce the 8K standard throughout the country by 2025.

In Europe, we can dream of a quality of 8K, even 4K. Meanwhile, the first 16K TVs from Sony began to appear on sale. The displays are based on Crystal LED technology, boast a size of up to 790 inches, a brightness of 1000 nits, HDR support and a contrast of up to 1,000,000:1.

Sony is paying for one small module measuring 40.6 x 45.7 centimeters up to 10 thousand dollars, while for a display offering 790 inches, a trifle, almost 6 million dollars. Despite the fact that 16K quality movie materials will not be very popular for a long time, certainly on 16K displays 4K and 8K images will look much better than on 8K. At least that's what Sony thinks.

Don’t you remember how much you were happy to get a TV with Full-HD. At that time, it was not that easy. But now, technology is not limited and when you get 4K TV at home, the next day you get an email that 8K is coming up very soon. Yes, this makes us very upset. But this is our generation’s role in this planet. 

There are 8K TVs on sale, as you may know. But unfortunately we don’t have such programs to watch them in these amazing televisions. 

Not only Sony, there are many other TV manufacturers which are going to show their steps for the future’s TV watchers. Well, even if the Internet is becoming the new generation’s tvs, still future televisions are going to adapt themselves to the technology and let us do everything what we could do with a computer. Netflix and other television platforms are good examples of this idea. 

Sony is one of the largest television and technology manufacturers as you know. But now they have much more competitors in the market, and they have to continue creating much more efficient products to keep customers closer.

Japan is a country where you can find superpower technology companies in it. Sony is just one of them. We hope to see 8K and 16K programs in our TVs as well, then maybe we will be able to write something more about them to share with you all. 

80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony80 Million Units of PS 4 sold says Sony