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YouTube Android adjusts its quality to maximum 480p in India

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Editor : Said Murat
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In India, due to the coronavirus outbreak, YouTube has reduced the image quality on Android devices to 480p to reduce traffic. 

As part of the fight against the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread to the world and has killed 32,113 people since its emergence in Wuhan, the People's Republic of China, online broadcast giants decide to reduce broadcast quality one after another to reduce internet traffic. Netflix and YouTube had launched this application in Europe.

Finally, in India, it is stated that YouTube has decided to reduce the image quality for Android devices. It was previously said that YouTube will set the video quality to 480p by default, but will give its users the option to improve this image quality. However, in some parts of India, YouTube's image quality for Android devices appears to be set at a maximum of 480p as standard.

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While the maximum 480p video quality is stated to apply to 4K videos, the restriction is considered to apply to certain regions of India. While restriction news mostly came from Mumbai and Delhi, there was no such news of restrictions from cities such as Bangalore and regions such as Gujarat. However, the restrictions are expected to apply to these regions after a while.

Restrictions apply regardless of internet connection and connection quality. Moreover, it is emphasized that the restrictions apply to YouTube Premium users. However, there is no restriction on video quality for desktop YouTube users yet. The desktop platform even has videos that open with 1080p video quality.

European Union's call to cut back on internet use; It was justified by giants of the internet industry such as Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Amazon and Netflix. In this context, video content platforms, especially Netflix, announced that they had brought various limitations. For example, Netflix had compromised the quality of its content.

YouTube previously limited the default quality of the videos to 480p as part of the internet-intensive measures. YouTube applies this globally. YouTube's decision made no imposition to users. While watching videos, you could change the quality settings and switch to high quality again. It is not yet known whether this practice in India will spread all over the world.