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YouTube switches to automatic moderation during a coronavirus pandemic

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Editor : Said Murat
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Google has informed that, out of concern for the health of its employees, it is forced to send a large part of them to homes, which means that during the crisis moderation will take place mainly using special algorithms.

There seemed to be ways to earn a living that the coronavirus would not have much of an impact on the contrary, it would still raise interest, such as filming on YouTube, we could have been wrong. Google announced that during the epidemic of the coronavirus will rely mainly on its automatic moderation systems so as not to expose its employees, which means that more movies than currently can be accidentally blocked and removed.

Surprised? Certainly not, because as we know well, coronavirus has been wreaking havoc in the technology industry for several months, causing events to be canceled, problems with the availability of devices or moving the next premieres. Of course, YouTube's case is not that bothersome, but algorithms for services can be unpredictable, as platform users have been reporting for years. It happened many times that he mistakenly deprived creators of earnings, blocked materials, assigned inappropriate age categories or otherwise influenced the success of the materials.

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As you can guess, this can be a nuisance for people who rely on the site as their primary source of income, but in times of crisis we have to deal with it. You also can't help but notice that the algorithms are constantly improving and have been doing really well in recent months. Either way, Google has reported that due to the lack of human moderators during a pandemic, there is no choice but to rely on artificial intelligence, even if it is sometimes wrong.

- More video than normal will be removed at this time, including those that do not violate our policies. We know it will be difficult for all of you - Google writes in an occasional post. In short, the company has come to terms with the situation and we also have to, although there are a few queries in the head - can the company not find employees, or maybe those available are unable to moderate at home because they lack the necessary tools for security reasons? Fortunately, the creators can count on a certain reduced tariff, because until people come back to action, movies removed by AI will not even lead to closing channels, unless artificial intelligence has no doubts.

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