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YouTube to create a new feature in the style of TikTok!

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Editor : Said Murat

The American giant is not going to passively watch the development of competition and is already testing a new solution that is intended to reach users considering switching from YouTube to the increasingly fashionable TikTok.

As we know well, fashions in social and streaming media are changing rapidly and although there are several giants on the market resisting the outflow of users and new rivals, such as Instagram, others have to fight for attention. It is no different in the case of YouTube, which excels over others in the traditional sharing of video materials, but can boast of literally one style of content, whereas nowadays diversity counts. That is why, despite the huge user base and solid marketing machine, it is testing new solutions in order to have an answer to the competition's offer.

The latest is, of course, TikTok, which on its short video forms stormed a huge user base, which is why YouTube announced that it has started testing a new functionality with a selected group of creators, in which you can easily record many clips from the level of the mobile YouTube application and upload them as one video. As we can read on the Google support page: People with access to news will see the option to create new video in their mobile loading panel - touch or hold the record button to capture your first clip. If you want to add more to your compilation, simply repeat the whole process as often as necessary, for a maximum of 15 seconds. If you want, you can rip longer video, but you will have to do it from the phone gallery instead of recording it from the application.

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Tests are conducted on a small group of users of Android and iOS devices, and after their completion YouTube will collect feedback and decide if this option will be widely available to users of the platform, or maybe it needs changes and more testing. We bet, however, that eventually we will all be able to use it, because despite the fact that after the fall of Vine in 2016, many industry specialists claimed that short video forms would be forgotten, it did not happen. Instead, users of Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok are building their position, popularity and recognition around them, so it's no wonder that Google's giant also wants to propose its version.

We cannot wait to see and test the new feature of YouTube and review it here. 


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