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Zoom Alternatives & Competitors

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Editor : Said Murat
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If you are looking for some alternatives to Zoom, there are many of them. We all may need video conferencing software to help with recording and slideshow. 

We did our best to list a video conferencing softwares for you that would be Zoom alternatives and most likely competitors.

  1. GoToMeeting

    This software is reliable for millions of businesses and professional online meetings. GoToMeeting works on any device. You can share any application with the participants in real time in meetings where up to 100 people can participate. The person providing the interview can see exactly what the participants can see from the control panel and manage their presentation as they wish.

  2. Cisco Webex Meetings

    This is one of the most famous softwares for those looking for a reliable, modern and productive real time online meeting platform. Cisco is already a company that millions of people rely on. Cisco Webex Meetings is an application that you will enjoy while having a meeting with your network. If you are looking for an intelligent collaboration solution, Cisco is a good option for you.

  3. Google Hangouts Meet

    It’s simple. Video meetings for your business. If you would like to connect with your team and network from anywhere, Google has a good option for you called Hangouts Meet. What we love the most about this app is it’s great with easy-to-join video calls. Yes, we can meet people face to face without paying for travel.

  4. Join.me

    Are you one of those looking for a software to collaborate instantly with free screen sharing, unlimited audio and simple video conferencing, this is Join.me. You can get everyone on the same screen instantly when they are abroad. Additionally, this software has several language options for you, including German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

  5. BlueJeans

    Did you know which software is the first cloud service to connect desktops, mobile devices and room systems in one video meeting? This is BlueJeans. Now, it brings video, web conferencing and audio together for your meetings. Yes, BlueJeans makes your meetings fast to join and simple to use. That’s why you can work productively wherever you wish, whenever you wish.

  6. Cisco Jabber

    Instant messaging (IM), audio, video and web conferencing. What else we would like to see from a video conferencing software? Cisco Jabber is good with enterprise voice and visual voicemail into one client on our desktop. Then we can work together efficiently from anywhere we are. Another reliable Cisco software. People like how easy Jabber is to use, and it’s mobile app makes it much easier to work from anywhere. It also updates based on our Outlook calendar schedule and meetings. When you go to an online meeting with Jabber, it automatically updates your schedule to a ‘presenting’ or ‘do not disturb’ status.

  7. TeamViewer

    This is the most famous leading screen sharing software ever. TeamViewer lets users to connect anything, anywhere and anytime. You can make remote access to any devices which gives you permission. Then it offers secure remote access, control, support and collaboration capabilities for online endpoints. Did you know that TeamViewer has been downloaded on more than 2,1 billion devices and up to 46 million devices are online at the same time. This is a huge number, right? This software is not only for video conferencing, but also great for remote access to any device in the world.

  8. GlobalMeet Collaboration

    Especially when you need to develop real-time meetings and webinars, approaching customers, friends or colleagues, GlobalMeet Collaboration helps you a lot. It’s perfectly working on any device you wish. It allows you to start online meetings in one click without downloads. Sounds incredible. It’s video conferencing is instant and free. GlobalMeet adapts to the needs of its users. It’s suitable for small or large working groups.

  9. Cisco Webex Teams

    This is another Cisco application coming to our screen. This is not only a video conferencing software, but it helps to transform how work gets done. Cisco Webex Teams (formerly known as Cisco Spark) is an app for continuous teamwork. So, we can make video meetings, file sharing, whiteboarding, group messaging. Then our team can work anytime on any device. Cisco Webex Teams helps people when it comes to speeding up their projects. It has all the collaboration tools for your team. Also, we know that it is safe with a comprehensive approach to cloud security.

  10. Fuze

    Fuze is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that wants to change the way we communicate so we can do our best work. It empowers people to transition between chatting, meeting, calling and content sharing on any device whenever they like to do. Most of its users say that it is extremely helpful on international calling and very stable. It also empowers users to connect each other on their cellphones with minimal cost. Fuze is a global and modern software that allows flexible video conferencing and always-on collaboration.

  11. ezTalks

    ezTalks offers reliable video and web conferencing solutions. It empowers users to have screen sharing, whiteboarding and recording. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for teamwork. ezTalks lets people make your meetings easier and more efficient. It’s great that you can connect your team always and complete projects on time. Don’t worry, it’s an easy to use application with a great interface.

  12. Skype

    Yes, it is Skype. It was the first software that allowed us to make international calls via the internet. Today, you can call your friends, family, and make a video conferencing with your team. You can transform the way you work. It’s an easy-to-use application you can use on any device. It was an app for friends and families in the past. But later, it became very important for business. Millions of people use Skype for their video conferencing and business meetings wherever they are.

  13. Microsoft Teams

    It is a very innovative chat-based software in Office 365. In Office 365, it is a collaboration service that addresses the unique needs and challenges of working in a team. Since the needs of the company for cooperation are unique, there is no one right for everyone. Companies use applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Yammer in Office 365 to meet different needs arising from working together. Office 365 has strong commitments to security, compatibility, privacy and transparency. Microsoft Teams was developed with the same principles used to deliver a corporate platform. Microsoft Teams allows us to upload documents, create separate workspaces within teams and message our colleagues instantly.

  14. UberConference

    It is a free conference application by killing PINs and making it simple for people to join. UberConference provides unlimited conferences, screen and document sharing, and call recording and offers free VoIP voice for up to 10 participants. Unfortunately, it doesn't have video conferencing features, but it's easy-to-use interface makes this free tool a great option for small businesses. The UberConference app is available on desktop, iOS and Android, and in a Chrome extension.

  15. Adobe Connect

    Adobe Connect is a platform that allows you to hold virtual meetings and distance learning regardless of location. It is the choice of many companies and educational institutions as the most used virtual classroom application in the world, especially with the possibility of accessing from mobile devices. With Adobe Connect, you can immediately create and start using any virtual classroom or meeting room. Your virtual classrooms or meeting rooms will always be ready to use. Adobe Connect empowers people to create exceptional digital training, webinar, and collaboration experiences.

  16. Zoho Meeting

    Zoho Meeting aims to reach our global clients instantly and start your webinars or sales presentation. If you want your meetings to be more productive while saving the most valuable time today, Zoho Meeting is for you! During the meeting, you can easily share the documents and graphics you want with Zoho Meeting. You can also organize training for your customers with this application, which offers the opportunity to hold both webinar and digital meetings with a single solution.

  17. Whereby

    Are you one of the professionals? This application is for those who would like to have easy and professional video/audio meetings. Do you know what's perfect with the Whereby? We don’t have to download anything. All meetings are on our browser. Plus, no login needed for guest users. If you wish to continue using this tool more often, it offers applications for mobile as well.

  18. RingCentral Office

    Cloud systems are always more efficient to use easily and fast. RingCentral Office is one of the video conferencing tools that helps us communicate faster and smarter. Like most of the similar softwares, RingCentral Office also offers useful apps available on many platforms. So, we can connect with people anytime on any device. Most of its users say that RingCentral Office has a very user-friendly interface on mobile and web. Plus, it’s good to know that it has call forwarding and routing options. When you are abroad, this will help you a lot.

  19. Lifesize

    Thanks to Lifesize, make your interview wherever you want using smart devices (phones or tablets) with the software-based conference solution. When it comes to the video conferencing, Lifesize is always here to raise hands. It delivers high-quality video and audio, brings people together wherever they are and it’s a great meeting solution like no other. For many years, Lifesize has proved its reliable solutions for us.

  20. Dialpad Talk

    Work from anywhere. This is the motto of Dialpad Talk for today. It’s a business VOIP provider which is using Google Cloud Platform. It’s great that Dialpad Talk integrates with G Suite, Salesforce and other similar business cloud applications. If you wish to move your phone system and conferencing to the cloud, Dialpad Talk helps you a lot.