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Zuckerberg is to Show Who’s the Boss

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Editor : Yunus Yaşar

     As it is known, Instagram in 2012 and Whatsapp in 2014 became a part of Facebook. Yet, these two applications are not known to be a part of Facebook, by many of the users. Some people even consider WhatsApp and Instagram as alternatives and competitors of Facebook.

     By now, Mark Zuckerberg allowed Instagram and WhatsApp to act as if they are unrelated companies with Facebook. All companies’ CEOs were different names, all of them had their very own applications and websites, they also had separated buildings and their separated e-mail addresses. Facebook, now, is going to show who is in charge.

     Facebook confirmed the information that the indepence of WhatsApp and Instagram came to an end. So, it will be more apparent that Instagram and WhatsApp are sub-companies of Facebook Inc. Instagram’s mobile application and the desktop version are going to say ‘Instagram from Facebook’ on the settings screen and at the bottom of the logging screen. Spokesperson Bertie Thomson said, “We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,”.

     In previous years, Zuckerberg showed his intentions on restricting the independency of WhatsApp and Instagram. Having bought the apps and their legal rights, he warded off the founders of both companies, and established new executives from Facebook, immediately. He had a declaration, saying, he would combine all three applications into one, as Facebook Messenger’s encrypted version.
With the plan to implement this idea, users began to fear that Zuckerberg would exploit the power of having his technology empire.

     Similar to what Mark Zuckerberg is planning now, Microsoft tried to tie Internet Explorer up with Windows OS, twenty years ago. Back in those days, Microsoft has been accused of attaching Internet Explorer to the operating system in illegal ways, by the government. Microsoft's cut its loose from the case after four years. Social media and smart phone users hope that Bill Gates advises his friend, Zuckerberg, not to take such an action.