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A week on a single charge? It’s Samsung!

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Editor : Said Murat
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Once upon a time mobile phones lasted a week on a single battery charge. These times quickly became a thing of the past when the first smartphones began to appear on the horizon. However, they can come back thanks to Samsung and its technology.

The Korean company is working on increasing the capacity of batteries for mobile devices. Reliable leaks indicate that upcoming smartphones can be equipped with batteries that will allow 4-5 days of use. This is to be ensured by cells with a capacity of up to 6800 mAh and less power-consuming components.

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Unfortunately, currently 3000-4000 mAh cells are still the most popular in smartphones. There is no tragedy here, because the devices can withstand a whole day of quite intensive work, but we can only dream of a few days or even a week.

Of course, it is not a problem to put into the smartphones batteries from power banks with a capacity of up to 8000 or 12000 mAh, but smartphones would simply be heavy bricks. That is why none of the manufacturers, except maybe Energizer, decided to launch such devices on the market, because they will simply be impractical for most users.

This is to change, however. Samsung is intensively working on increasing the efficiency of its cells, while reducing their size and weight, and optimizing the software so that new smartphones can withstand 4-5 days on a single charge. For a good start, the Korean company will place a 6800 mAh battery in the representative of the little-known Galaxy M series, namely M41.

It is not known if this smartphone will appear in Europe, but Samsung often experiments with the M series when it comes to new technologies that are later transplanted to flagships. We can expect the M41 to be much thicker than most devices, but something for something. In the following years, 7000-8000 mAh cells will start appearing in the middle and premium class, but so far their size will have to be significantly reduced.

Let someone say that nothing interesting is happening in the world of smartphone battery development. After all, there is a chance to return to the good old days, in which telephones (or, if you prefer - bricks) lasted a week on one charge.