Samsung is investing in drones that will facilitate access to the super-fast 5G network - News -

Samsung is investing in drones that will facilitate access to the super-fast 5G network

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The Korean manufacturer has just boasted a new system based on artificial intelligence, thanks to which you can safely measure and change the position of the telecommunications antenna, all with the help of drones.

Samsung Electronics has just announced and demonstrated the operation of a new 4G and 5G drone configuration solution that offers network operators simplified network management, improves employee security, and optimizes network performance. During the presentation, one of the company's engineers stood on the ground with a smartphone, which he used to launch the remote control application drone equipped with a camera to take pictures of antennas installed on the roofs of buildings. The employee gets an instant preview of the image on their smartphone, and the photos are also sent to the cloud, where artificial intelligence based on deep learning verifies the position of the antennas so that it can be determined whether they have been properly installed and set up.

Image analysis takes less than a minute, and the whole process - from the start of the drone to the final results - literally 15 minutes, which is a huge improvement over the often several hours needed to prepare the employee, his climbing to the top of the antenna, measurements, descent down and complete the whole task. What's more, Samsung has already announced that this is just the beginning, because ultimately it wants to expand the capabilities of its system and at some point it will be possible to position the antennas in the optimal position remotely from a smartphone or computer. All with a view to increasing the security of network maintenance employees who currently regularly climb cell towers or roofs of buildings, because only such an installation of antennas guarantees optimal coverage of the area.

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What's more, they carry heavy and very expensive measuring equipment, so the risk of an accident is very high. And this is where Samsung's remote solution comes into action: “With the development of 5G networks, network operators are increasingly focusing on their performance, and the market shows an increased demand for intelligent systems for maintaining such places. When our system is officially launched globally at the end of this year, we will offer safer, cheaper and more convenient ways, using our unique capabilities and combining the latest technologies - drones, AI and 5G - “ says Sohyong Chong, Vice President and Head of Network Automation, Networks Business in Samsung Electronics.