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Arabia has started the construction of a futuristic city called NEOM

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Prince Muhammad ibn Salman wants to build a new Babylon in the Arabian desert. It is to be the largest and most futuristic city on Earth. The controversial information about the project was just light of day.

The project is being developed as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, which assumes the transformation of the country into a global superpower, thanks to the exorbitant funds obtained from the sale of oil, gas and the latest technologies. The largest technology concerns in the world are involved in the project, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook etc. The common goal is to build a metropolis for the 21st century, in which the most futuristic achievements of humanity will be used on a daily basis.

Within its borders and an additional 8 thousand square kilometers, there will be tourist lands in which travelers will be able to admire the natural wonders unseen nowhere else on Earth. There will be 50 islands, volcanoes, coral reefs, wild nature and everything you could wish for, just like in the biblical paradise.

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Prince of Saudi Arabia, successor to the Saud throne, announced that tens, and ultimately hundreds of millions of people would live in the city. We all know how cosmic Dubai looks like. At NEOM, it is supposed to be the Middle Ages. A fleet of autonomous cars and taxis will be available in the city, as well as Hyperloop and flying taxis that will connect Saudi Arabia with the whole world. Every day there are going to be experiments to modify the genetic people and change us into cyborgs.

Above the city is supposed to be an artificial moon, which will illuminate it at night, so that it never falls asleep. In the future there will also be an artificial sun. Special districts will be created in NEOM, where the conservative Arab law will not apply. In these places you will be able to drink alcohol without moderation, play in various clubs and use the services of prostitutes. It is supposed to be a real paradise on Earth for tourists from around the world and encourages them to come there often, and even settle there.

A completely different level of education will be offered in the city than in the rest of the world. Students will be able to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology world, such as 5G and 6G networks, robots, holographic projectors, supercomputers, artificial intelligence and finally brain-computer interfaces. And all this, to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible, which they will be able to use in the future to enrich the metropolis with their creative thought.

The Saudis just want to spend on its construction and development, a trifle, 500 billion dollars. All this will be possible thanks to SoftBank Vision Fund and ARAMCO. Analysts predict that in the coming years it will become the largest on the market.

Technological giants are to build centers of state-of-the-art technology from the world of robots, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and the space industry. Megacity will be fully autonomous and ecological. Citizens of the city of NEOM will live in smart and ecological homes, because they are powered by renewable energy, coming from solar parks and wind farms. Urban transport is to be fully electric and autonomous.

Let us remind you that Arabia, like the United Arab Emirates, also has slightly larger plans, because it concerns space, and more specifically Mars. This desert country wants to build luxury hotels and hospitals on Earth's orbit, as well as a city in the Martian desert in the next 100 years.

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