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Volvo invests in futuristic technologies to eliminate fatal accidents

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Editor : Said Murat
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The Swedish company has an ambitious plan that assumes the total elimination of fatal accidents in their vehicles by 2020. This goal is being implemented and will be achieved with the latest technology.

Volvo is investing for the first time in history in two companies from outside Europe and America. It's about security projects in vehicles that were developed by the Israelis. The first called UVeye deals with technologies that focus on checking the vehicle in terms of safety after running off the production line, and the other called MDGo during and just after the accident. It must be emphasized here that both are driven by artificial intelligence systems.

MDGo has developed an AI-supported system that in real-time analyzes the data obtained from cameras and sensors installed on board a vehicle involved in an accident, and compares them with a comprehensive medical base. In this way, the emergency services, before they reach the scene of the accident, will have a very detailed knowledge of the state of the victims.

Volvo Will Revolutionize Car Safety Across EuropeVolvo Will Revolutionize Car Safety Across Europe

Such knowledge will allow faster and more precise help, and thus increase the chances of surviving injured owners and passengers of Volvo vehicles. But it is not everything. The Slippery Road Alert system will also appear in the vehicles of this manufacturer.

There will also be a Hazard Light Alert system, i.e. a solution that informs about cars on the emergency lights in front of us. According to Volvo, it is mainly about increasing safety in places where it is easy to omit such signaling, such as hills, but it can not be concealed that it also promises to be a help system for road accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.

The company is also planning to introduce a fairly controversial speed limitation system in its vehicles up to 180 km/h. Hakan Samuelsson, head of the group, believes that there is no reason to drive cars over 180 km/h, because it is the excessive speed that causes tragic accidents on highways. In addition, in all of Europe, except Germany, the maximum speeds on highways are much lower than 180 km/h.

The corporation wants to provide its clients with the highest possible level of security in all possible ways, leaving the competition far behind in this matter. Such an idea has always guided the company, but now this magnesium for customers is to allow the company to increase its share in the increasingly competitive automotive market. It is worth emphasizing here that all this will be due to the technology of artificial intelligence, computational clouds and rapid information exchange, thanks to the 5G network.