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Volvo Will Revolutionize Car Safety Across Europe

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Editor : Said Murat
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Volvo is preparing to introduce new security systems on the Old Continent - so far they have only been available in Sweden and Norway, but now they will reach all countries.

Europe’s one of the largest automotive manufacturers Volvo is a great sample of the innovation in its sector. Now they have more plans for you.

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The Slippery Road Alert system, which does exactly what its name suggests, that is based on information from other Volvo cars in front of us, informs us about the rainfall or snowfall that may affect the surface, thus giving us a chance for better adaptation of the ride to the prevailing conditions.

The second system is Hazard Light Alert, which is a solution for informing about cars on the emergency lights in front of us. According to Volvo, it is mainly about increasing safety in places where it is easy to omit such signaling, such as hills, but it can not be concealed that it also promises to be a help system for road accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.

Both systems will be coming with the new Volvo 2020 cars, but model owners from 2016, based on CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) and SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platforms, can count on appropriate software updates. So it looks like Volvo is not going to slow down the pace and the safety of drivers is actually one of the company's priorities - keep up with it, because new technologies must finally make the road less unwanted.

Unfortunately, however, one can not overlook the fact that we are still not dealing with a solution based on the commonly available system and it is limited only to the Volvo brand. It's a pity, because it seems that nowadays you could be tempted to collect data platforms and send information to all drivers, regardless of the car they drive. Anyway, maybe in the future, especially that Volvo has expressed a desire to share the data obtained by their cars with the rest of the industry.

We have shared many similar news on the new technologies on the automotive sector as you remember. It’s obvious that companies try to make more safe vehicles for us. Every year thousands of people lose their lives because of the traffic accidents. Sure, there are many reasons on it. However, having a safe vehicle is one of the most important parts of the safe traffic. Isn’t it?

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