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Bill Gates wants to popularize tube meat around the world

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The richest man on the planet today is implementing many interesting projects related to improving the quality of life for billions of people. One of them is the elimination of traditional meat and replacing it with an artificial one.

Billionaires are investing in the future of food. Namely, not only to make food much cheaper, easier to access and ultimately eliminate the problem of world hunger, but also to reduce the problem of climate change. Bill Gates cannot sleep at night because of this.

The world's population is growing rapidly. By 2023, there will already be 8 billion people on Earth. Meat consumption leads to devastation of forests and transformation of arable fields into pastures. As a result, the problem of access to food is increasing instead of decreasing. This sad reality is to help change the meat from the tube, which requires only small laboratories for development, is completely environmentally friendly and, most importantly for people, free of antibiotics.

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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have invested millions of dollars in Memphis Meats, which has several patents for producing delicious, healthy and real-looking meat from a test tube. It should be emphasized here that Tyson Foods, the second largest meat producer in the world, was also interested in this type of food.

Memphis Meats engineers are now working on improving their technology for producing artificial meat using the famous gene modification method called CRISPR-Cas9. They want to combine the best beef and poultry tissue to get a first-class product. This technology eliminates the problem of fatigue and slaughter of farm animals. Scientists will only collect the appropriate part of animal tissues once, and then they will be cloned indefinitely and mature in special laboratories. Animal rights activists will especially appreciate this.

Products based on artificial meat from the laboratory can already be bought in stores in the United States and several European countries, and will soon be joined by new generation products that are much more nutritious and ecological, because they have been improved thanks to the CRISPR method. The quality of this food, in terms of appearance, taste and smell, is no different from traditional, and at the same time lies behind it true ecology.

Although such food of the future still raises a lot of controversy, in the face of the rapidly growing population of the world and the growing problem of hunger, it is the only sensible panacea for food problems plaguing humanity. At least that's what the billionaires involved in this project believe.

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