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Microsoft Has Invested in the Polish HyperLoop

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Editor : Said Murat

The Polish engineers from the Warsaw University of Technology and Wrocław create future-proof technology that is unique on a global scale. Their idea was appreciated by Microsoft, which will support the project with its funds.

Hyper Poland received a grant of 120,000 USD as part of Microsoft for Startups, a program supporting the most promising technological companies in the world. The Polish startup will use funds for the Azure Platform services, that is, the benefits of a powerful cloud computing and machine learning of the company. Engineers intend to make calculations and simulations of the technology they develop in it.

In addition to Microsoft, the project was also supported by MassChallenge Switzerland, which is a leading motor of innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. Engineers from Hyper Poland will be able to exchange valuable information and use the experience of the world's largest experts on everyday basis operating in the world of cutting-edge technologies.

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Hyper Poland has also been successful with its project in the very popular British equity crowdfunding platform called Seedrs. Let us remind you that the Poles have gathered as many as 142 percent of the planned amount, that is 284 thousand euros. But it is not everything. The project was also supported by the National Center of Research and Development in the Fast Track competition, which will subsidize the Polish HyperLoop as much as 16.5 million PLN.

The funds are to be used for research and development on drive and suspension to all three stages of technology development presented. A talented team consisting of 25 ambitious young engineers from the Warsaw University of Technology and the Wrocław University of Technology who is supported by many specialists from Poland and the whole world, as never before, has the chance to realize his beautiful vision.

Hyper Poland informs that the amount will also be used to build test benches, linear drives and based on magnetic levitation. The tests are to take place in Żmigród, within the premises of the Railway Institute, which also supports young engineers with its experience. The company is the only company in the world developing technology for adapting traditional railway tracks to the HyperLoop system. This is to allow the use of the infrastructure already existing in the country and to build the first commercial section of the future railway much faster and cheaper.

Startup informs that the prototype of the capsule on a scale of 1:5 and weighing 80 kilograms is to be built later this year. The demonstration track is to be 48 meters long and will be built in Warsaw. In the next phase of the project's development, a section of 500 meters will be built near Żmigród. This will be the introduction to the development of Hyperloop concept. Engineers plan that the first pilot tests will start in 3 to 5 years. Ultimately, the entire route will connect Warsaw with Łódź and Wrocław. At the beginning, it will offer transports of goods for companies and courier companies at speeds of 300 km/h and 600 km/h, and ultimately 1,200 km/h.

"By building our own Hyperloop system, Poland will become a technology exporter, we will be able to sell a license for this technology in the future, and not buy it abroad, as it usually happens," said Łukasz Mielczarek, Hyper Poland infrastructure development manager.

Poles propose the construction of a 415-kilometer route connecting Wrocław with Warsaw. If it is created, the journey from the capital of Lower Silesia to the capital of Poland will take only 20 minutes. Specialists believe that the construction of Hyperloop in the passenger-and-freight version will be much cheaper to operate from high-speed rail, so it is worth investing in it now. The biggest savings can be made on energy. Hyperloop capsules at 600 km / h will consume as much energy as high-speed train at 300 km / h.

Representatives of Hyper Poland believe that in Poland the first utility freight route between Warsaw and Wrocław will be built after 2025, while passenger will be built in about 10 years. Other routes are also planned, such as Warsaw-Krakow, Berlin-Poznań-Łódź, and even Warsaw-Białystok-Kaunas-Riga.

Sure it takes time. But still it is worth to wait. Don’t you think so?

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