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New highway project for electric vehicles in Poland

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From year to year, electric vehicles are getting more and more popular and it is certain that the future will belong to them. It’s quite obvious. Poland is getting ready for electric vehicles with its new highway projects.

Unfortunately, the poorly developed network of charging stations is still a bottleneck for eco-roads. In subsequent years it will change in the plus, particularly in rich countries, where interest in electric cars is the largest. However, a big change will also take place in Poland, as announced by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA).

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The Polish government wants to meet the expectations of the market and, therefore, has announced a tender for a pilot section of the "green way" on which there will be points for quick charging of electric cars. In total, 13 points will be created on the A4 motorway and the S8 expressway. The tender covers two road sections linking large urban agglomerations, namely: Wrocław with Katowice (A4) and Wrocław with Łódź (S8).

In order to maintain competitiveness between tenants of particular locations, they will be able to submit offers for every second MOP located on the same side of the road (in accordance with the ABAB principle). The tender may be run by companies that act as the operator of charging points for electric cars or charging service providers for these points at a minimum of two points for a period of at least six months from the day of submitting the offer. Another requirement is to obtain the average annual income for the last full financial year in the amount not less than one million Polish zlotys (around 266 Million USD).

The task of the tenant selected in the tender, with which the contract will be signed for 10 years (with the possibility of extending by an additional 5 years), will build two generally accessible charging points for electric vehicles, acting as the operator and provider of charging services for these points, and adjusting the places designated for vehicle parking during charging by its appropriate vertical and horizontal markings. The lessee will pay GDDKiA the rent specified in the submitted offer.

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