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Charging smartphones in just 15 minute

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Editor : Said Murat
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Chinese technology concerns want to revolutionize the world of batteries and charging systems in mobile devices this year. No more running out of energy when we need it most.

First, Xiaomi and now Oppo presented the world's fastest wired and wireless charging system. The former offers up to 125 W, and the latter 65 W. OPPO SuperVOOC allows you to fully charge a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery in only 15 to 20 minutes in the wired version. After the first 5 minutes of charging, 41 percent of the battery capacity will appear on the display, and after another 10 minutes, 100 percent.

Xiaomi has an idea for a Xiaomi has an idea for a "green" smartphone with a built-in solar panel

When it comes to wireless charging, in the AirVOOC version it is supposed to take a little longer than the wired one, which should not be a surprise to anyone, but it happens quickly, because we can fully charge in 30 minutes. Xiaomi and Oppo boast that their super-fast smartphone charging systems will have as many as 5 different security systems.

This is a key topic, because we are talking here about a solution that weighs heavily on the mobile device itself and the energy network. Temperature increases during charging and the system may overheat or even crash. That's why the charger includes sensors and even a 128-bit encryption system to protect the device from hackers.

While we all still complain about insufficiently capacious batteries, although they already have 6000 mAh in some smartphones, and once had only 2000 mAh, more and more powerful processors, cameras and large displays consume more energy that does not come from the air. Partially addressing this issue with faster charging is a good idea. You will always be able to quickly plug into the socket and in a few minutes you will have energy for the whole day of use. Maybe someone disagrees with this, but it's better than placing larger and larger batteries, which only make the smartphones look like bricks.

So, everything indicates that in 2020 we can expect not only super-fast charging technologies in flagship smartphones, but also selfie cameras hidden under the screens and even more advanced photo sensors.