Xiaomi has an idea for a

Xiaomi has an idea for a "green" smartphone with a built-in solar panel

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Editor : Said Murat
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The Chinese group is constantly surprising us with new ideas for new things in the world of mobile devices. Recently, he showed a selfie camera hidden under the display, and now it is time for a solar panel.

As we heard from some of our sources that Xiaomi has filed a patent application in which it intends to equip its future smartphone with a large solar panel. According to the project, it is expected to occupy most of the air in the back of the smartphone. This sounds very interesting, right?

Although this idea seems innovative, so, it is not new at all. LG presented the prototype of such a device almost a decade ago. As we all know, it has not been adopted because it is not on the market. Despite this, this idea does not have to be a dead end in the development of mobile devices. After all, solar panels are much more efficient than those from even a few years ago, let alone decades.

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It's hard to predict what Xiaomi engineers are going to do, but thinking sensibly and practically, maybe a smartphone equipped with a solar panel want to offer its customers who live in sunny countries and spend a lot of time lounging in the sun. Then, such a panel could recharge the device on an ongoing basis and ensure its longer operation. Otherwise, having solar polar system will not make any sense, if you live in a country where you see the sun only in summer. 

Of course, such a small solar power plant will not provide the energy that a physical socket gives, but the entire back of the smartphone is actually unused, so why not try to use it in a completely ingenious way. 

Either way, we will see if such a smartphone will go on sale and gain popularity at all. There are already some smartphone cases, powerbanks and bags with solar panels. So, maybe people will get used to have smartphones also, which are charging themselves thanks to the sunshine.  

One day we will forget about the electric cables at all. We don’t know when yet. But it's futurism, and we believe in it. Right?

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