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China built a dangerous antenna five times larger than New York

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The venture is the largest of its kind on Earth. It will allow China to implement major military plans to gain and maintain dominance in the world's oceans. The project is dangerous to human health.

The giant antenna called WEM covers an area of ​​2250 square kilometers, and its construction took the last 13 years. The Chinese army will use the device operating at extremely low frequencies (ELF), in the range from 0.1 to 300 Hz, for efficient communication with submarines navigating the seas and oceans, as well as to detect hydrocarbons and minerals.

Although the government secretly hides the areas where this gigantic installation is located, but experts are constantly monitoring the development of important projects for the state, they report that it covers three provinces: Hunan, Heinan and Hubei. This is extremely important information for safety and health of well over 200 million inhabitants of these territories of the Middle Kingdom.

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Scientists working for the World Health Organization (WHO) have a large amount of research linking ELF radiation to a range of diseases, including delusions, sleep disorders, stress, depression, breast and brain cancers, miscarriages and suicides. The construction of this type of installation in such a densely populated area shows that the government cares for the health of its citizens and apparently wants to make them guinea pigs.

During the construction of the facility, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment repeatedly appealed to the government for permission to carry out research aimed at determining whether the antennas would not threaten people and animals living in this area. All requests from the ministry and many politicians were rejected.

The WEM installation has the ability not only to penetrate the entire atmosphere, but also the inside of the earth's crust to a depth of up to 3500 kilometers. The antenna set can be useful for detecting underground natural resources such as precious metals or fossil fuels. The Middle Kingdom is growing rapidly and needs resources to sustain this trend. So the government will make and accept every possible step to implement this plan.

Other countries of the world also own or have owned such facilities. The United States many years ago gave up using, according to them, the outdated ELF system for the newer VLF. However, in the US, installations are located in virtually uninhabited areas. The government also invests in systems of communication safe for living organisms using satellites, drones and laser technology.

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