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Finland and China are getting ready for 6G

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Although the 5G network has been mentioned for several years, it is only this year that mobile devices will appear on the market, which will allow to exploit the potential of this technology. Meanwhile, some are already starting to think about the future.

We are talking about the Finnish government here. Have you heard about Invest in Finland? It is a special organization that is to implement the future communication systems in this Scandinavian country. Moreover, its creators have already announced the first conference on ideas regarding the construction of the 6G network. The conference will take place on March 24 in the Levi city of Lappea and the largest companies from the world of cutting-edge technologies will appear there. Yes, that sounds great.

5G Galaxy S10 hitting South Korea in April, together with the Galaxy Fold5G Galaxy S10 hitting South Korea in April, together with the Galaxy Fold

Working on the 6G network technology is to take place at the University of Oulu and to a large extent run by world-class experts from Ericsson. Despite the fact that this standard is a song of the future, there is already a need for a preliminary outline of the direction in which this technology should be developed. It will not be an easy task, because technological progress is taking place so quickly that it is difficult to predict what our civilization will need in 3 or 5 years, let alone 10 or 20 years.

Experts believe that the technical details of the 6G network in the Finnish edition will be known already around 2026, and for commercial use, the technology has only come to about 2030. Similar plans were presented by the Chinese government. Then the speed of data transmission is to be over 150 times higher than the first 5G modems and 2000 times higher than for most of us used 4G network. The governments of China and Finland even aim at speeds of 1Tb/s. Can’t believe that? Well, it’s the future. Obviously we will have much higher speed than now.

Futurologists say that after 2025, global digital consciousness will eventually appear in the world. Autonomous cars will start becoming widespread, robots will be hosted in more and more houses, Internet technologies and its devices will begin to make life easier in a practical way, and people will change into cyborgs thanks to brain-computer interfaces. Well, you all follow us and read such news about the future. And yes, then faster exchange of huge data packets between human brains and the global network and cloud computing will be something of a gold. 6G network should be able to cope with the future reality of the world and allow it to develop even faster. This is a must for future. Don’t you think so?

Meanwhile, we have to settle for a fledgling 5G network, which will be popularized by the new smartphones presented at the last MWC 2019 in Barcelona and CES 2019 in Las Vegas. They will soon allow data transmission at 6 Gb/s.

We often write and share about artificial intelligence, robotics technologies and autonomous vehicles. Yes, to get that kind of life, we really have to use the highest speed network connection. Otherwise that technology won’t work in the right way. Yes?

Well, we will see what happens next in the future. Hopefully we all will get used to have technology in a right way.

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