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The car recognizes the age, gender, weight and position of passengers!

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Editor : Said Murat
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Every year, cars are more and more packed with the latest technology. These are already driving supercomputers that can collect data about us and our behavior during the journey.

As it’s obvious, we spend more and more time in cars, because we travel more and more often, and we also stand for hours in traffic jams. This is the reality. So, they are equipped with the latest technological achievements and are connected to the global network, so regardless of whether we like it or not, they are slowly becoming powerful surveillance devices. But there is nothing wrong with it that would not work for good.

Corporations want to use these benefits for their own use. The goal is to get to know us even deeper. The Israeli company Eyesight Technologies will enable them. They recently presented an intelligent system called CabinSense, which in a different way observes the driver and passengers on board a car equipped with this technology.

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The system records data about our appearance, weight, gender, age, activity and position. It also checks whether and who has fastened seat belts, open windows, and whether there are any items in the hands or on the deck there are child seats. All this information is analyzed by artificial intelligence technologies, which evaluate and decide which safety systems to activate at the moment of cullet or accident, so that the driver and passengers suffer the least damage. That’s something perfect. Isn’t it?

Although we may have the feeling that the Big Brother is starting to sneak into our cars and nowhere we can not hide from it, but in the forthcoming grand journey of fully autonomous vehicles, the high level of security offered by the latest cars, in the case of autonomous he will not pass the exam completely and in the matter of security will withdraw us for a few decades, where many people died on the roads, in harmless-looking accidents.

The problem here will be the position occupied by the driver and passengers. In autonomous vehicles there will be no driver, because the car will be driven alone. All people on board will be able to do something more enjoyable, and this involves taking various items. Traditional security systems will become a deadly threat. Thanks to the technology, the new systems will constantly observe passengers and activate only when the need arises.

We believe, more and more companies will continue developing new systems for our safety. Technology is the thing we are addicted, right. But there is a way to use it in a perfect way. Safety is one of the biggest challenges of our century. That’s why we say hopefully we will be able to write more news like this one.


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