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China will complete the construction of its powerful GPS system in June

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Editor : Said Murat
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The Middle Kingdom wants to finally become independent of the American global satellite navigation system. 

The government is finishing the construction of a constellation which the greatest powers in the world may envy.

BeiDou will be the fourth navigation system after the American GPS, Russian GLONASS and European Galileo. The Chinese government boasts that its capabilities will be much greater than the competition. The system is to bring a new level of development not only to mobile devices, but above all to technologies created for the needs of the army.

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Chinese GPS actually consists of three parts BeiDou-1, BeiDou-2 and BeiDou-3. The first of them began to be built in 2000, but at the time it offered a very limited range. The latter system, BeiDou-3, is the newest and most powerful. It consists of 3 GEO satellites, 3 IGSO satellites and 24 MEO satellites.

Authorities report that its accuracy will be up to 10 centimeters. It's much better than GPS (30 centimeters) and Galileo (1 meter). Of course, these capabilities will be mainly used by the army, but we can expect an increase in positioning accuracy in drones, robots or mobile devices. This is also of great importance for the rapid development of various industries.

It is worth emphasizing here that the BeiDou-3 will not only have national coverage. It's a global positioning system. Thanks to this system, no matter what part of the world we are in, we will be able to use the power of both Chinese GPS and all three others. The first smartphones on board with BeiDou-3 and making full use of it should be on sale later this year.

Even if China has been affected by COVID-19 for a while, still they have never stopped working on their technology which will help humanity in the near future. Let’s wait and see all the futuristic news together from all over the world.