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Citroen presents a futuristic model of an autonomous electric car

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It seems that the future of transport has already been decided, in a few years we will start to drive electric cars, largely autonomous, which will ensure that we quickly and efficiently reach the desired destination.

If you already follow our posts frequently, you most probably see that autonomous electric cars will be becoming much more famous in few years.

In February, the popular French car company presented Ami One, a small electric vehicle that is to replace bicycles and scooters on short urban routes, and now decided on another interesting announcement. And the talk about Project 19_19, an electric vehicle designed for long routes, which is to have a range of up to 800 kilometers, and due to autonomy, passengers do not have to worry about running it. Sounds good, right?

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What's more, the inside is supposed to be more like a living room than the interior, which is even more emphasized by the lack of control of the vehicle and the luxury of transporting the future. Citroen is known for its novel approach to vehicle design, which is why 19_19 shouldn't surprise anyone, but the purple interior full of upholstered elements is so surprising that it will not appeal to everyone.

Is it wrong? Not necessarily, because, as the manufacturer stresses, every element of the car has been carefully selected to work reliably and provide maximum comfort during long journeys, which is why it differs significantly from what we are used to today. Of course, the car will also include state-of-the-art technologies such as the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) roof-mounted system, which works on a similar principle to radar, but uses laser light instead of microwaves.

Currently, it is used when designing the route of road or rail routes, registration of high voltage lines and collision detection, so it is easy to imagine its use in automatic vehicles.

As far as we know, 19_19 will have two electric motors with a total of 456 hp! So, zero to 100 kilometers per hour takes only five seconds. Sounds great.

With its full-glass suspended cabin, 19_19 will take action soon and we can’t wait to see it on the road and share more with you.

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