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Ford makes car parts from McDonald's coffee waste

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Editor : Said Murat
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Although this sounds quite unbelievable, it is about real technology, thanks to which coffee chaff can be used for the production of car parts - it cannot be hidden that it sounds very eco.

Coffee standing on store shelves gets into our hands already ground or whole grains, but the truth is that it goes to the roaster in a slightly different form. During the production process, coffee chaff is separated, just like when threshing grain - on farms, chaff is usually allowed to be taken away by the wind, but in roasters it is not very feasible. Therefore, there is a large amount of this coffee waste, which, as it turns out, can be used in a useful way in the production of car parts.

Ford engineers have found that specially treated coffee chaff, when combined with plastic, forms a hybrid pellet that can be used in place of traditional petroleum plastic in the production of some parts. This material can easily be melted and shaped, and it is lighter and uses less energy. It is worth emphasizing that biohybrid materials are nothing new for this group, because it has been testing them since 2007 and it is enough to mention here the soy foam used by the company.

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Now, however, the matter got loud because Ford signed a contract with another giant, namely the McDonald's network, from which it will collect chaff for use in its factories. What's more, we currently have a trend for eco-technologies, so if the idea comes from such large market players, it has the chance to draw the attention of a larger group of people and perhaps encourage others to do the same. Although it should be remembered that for reasons that are not entirely clear, the aforementioned soy foam is only found in Ford cars, so either this was the will of the manufacturer, or there were no takers.

The company also announced that its flagship application for coffee plastic will be the headlight housing, because it retains its properties even at high temperatures. What's more, it allows you to reduce their weight by 20%, and if any of you tried to replace the front lamps, then they certainly know how much they can weigh. This is of great importance, among others in the racing car sector, but it is also not without significance for ordinary consumers, because as we know there is a serious relationship between weight and fuel consumption, there is no easier method of reducing it than the unstructured elements of the car.

Well, it’s visible that Ford continues investing on innovations in all the way. They won’t alone on this way if this idea gets attention of other manufacturers.