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Elon Musk got scared of the electric Porsche: The new Model S is coming!

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Taycan was announced from the beginning as a tamer to Tesla. Elon Musk downplayed this first all-electric vehicle from Porsche, but now its capabilities have taken its toll on him. There will be a new Tesla coming soon.

The billionaire broke down slightly when Taycan made a record at the famous Nürburgring in Germany. The four-wheeled athlete completed an extremely difficult 20.6 kilometer track in just 7 minutes and 42 seconds. It's an amazing feat that will be hard to beat.

Upon hearing about this event, Elon Musk immediately sent new Model S prototypes to both Nürburgring and Laguna Seca in the United States. The boss of SpaceX is very scared by Taycan. Tesla has recently started overeating with Americans and they want something fresh and new. Here, Porsche comes out with an interesting offer, and there are other powerful vehicles from the Silicon Valley and China.

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Admittedly, Porsche engineers surprised not only brand fans but also potential customers. Taycan will be sold in several varieties. The most powerful version of Turbo S will have increased power up to 751 hp. That's a lot more than the most powerful version of the Model S from Tesla. That is why Musk decided to send new versions of the vehicle to the record-breaking tracks with three engines, seats for 7 people, new, larger rims and low-profile tires, as well as a rear spoiler.

Industry experts even report that the modified Model S will have a drive similar to that of the new Roadster. So we can expect acceleration to a hundred in around 2 seconds and a top speed of well over 300 km/h. But it is not everything. The new Model S will also have longer batteries.

The price of the Porsche Taycana is to start from 150 thousand dollars, it is much more than the Model S from Tesla, which in the basic version of the performance costs 90 thousand dollars. However, if we are to compare these electric vehicles with performance and equipment, then only the new Model S with the Plaid designation will be able to prove the total superiority of Tesla over Porsche, in all possible aspects.

So we're going to face fierce competition in the field of top-class electric sports limousines. Everything indicates that the race will be won by Tesla, but it will not be easy for Musk to set a new Nürburgring track record and beat Taycan there, because the Model S was not created for this type of competition, and Tesla itself does not have such sporting roots as the German group.

Well, again time will show us everything. We are all waiting to see some great options in electric car industry to choose and start our more ‘green’ life. Yes, it still will take time. However, it’s obvious that in the near future we are going to see much more electric and even autonomous vehicles on the streets. Hopefully it is not so far away from now. 

When the time comes up, you will find the reliable news about the electric vehicles on our page, as you find it now. 

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