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Greenland will make a profit from climate change

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Editor : Said Murat
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Greenland is not going to idly look at melting glaciers. The country's authorities plan to catch fresh water from them and share it with the rest of the world. 

Although global warming is undoubtedly a worrying phenomenon, Greenland also sees it as a plus in the form of an opportunity for new industries. The authorities of an autonomous island that is politically owned by Denmark want to permit 16 companies to recover and sell the fresh water resulting from the melting of glaciers. Such a solution will not only help to develop the economy, but also contribute to solving the problem of drought in some countries of the world.

- “Licenses for such activities have been issued to nine smaller companies, but we will significantly expand this group shortly. Then, we will share our water with the rest of the world” says Industry and Energy Minister Jess Svane.

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In December 2019, the frightening results of research on Greenland were published in the journal Nature. It turned out that more than 3.8 trillion tons of ice have disappeared from the island since 1992. According to the calculations of the scientists, the fresh water flowing into the oceans caused an increase of sea level in the world by over a centimeter.

According to experts, another increase of this level by a centimeter will threaten the flooding of the coasts inhabited by six million people.

It’s great to hear that Greenland plans to share fresh water with the rest of the world. 

Global warming is the real face of our new earth. Many countries and millions of people will be affected by this changing. Greeland is choosing a way to get benefits for themselves. There are more European countries in the list that are going to follow Greenland (and they have to). Hopefully technology will help us to save our countries from Global Warming.