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Gumpert reveals the first methanol driven electric supercar

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Editor : Said Murat
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A year after the presentation of the concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, Gumpert Aiways announced the start of production of the model with the graceful name Nathalie.

It is unique, because instead of using only electric or classic hybrid drive, it relies on electric motors supported by methanol fuel cells. This combination allows a range of over 800 kilometers, refueling in 3 minutes and up to 2.5 seconds to hundreds. Although there were many doubts during last year's presentation about how such a small methanol cell efficiently powers a powerful electric motor, it seems that Gumpert knew what he was doing.

The methanol-powered cell continuously supplies 15 kW of power to a 400-kW electric motor, and between them is the so-called buffer battery that provides extra power to make driving more enjoyable. The cell powers this battery during demanding situations, such as city driving, so that it is always ready for operation. 536 horsepower are split evenly into all four wheels, allowing Nathalie to accelerate from 0 to 100 km in just 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 300 km/h.

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Of course, we are talking here about the conditions of maximum power, so when the battery feels the hardships of the road, in other words, it runs out, we have to settle for 120 km/h. We can travel up to 820 kilometers on one refueling, then Dolewski needs a 65-liter methanol tank, which takes about 3 minutes. It is also worth noting that if we decide on the eco driving mode, we can drive almost 1200 kilometers on one refueling, which is an amazing achievement. As always, however, there must be a "but", and in this case it is the fuel itself, because it is not widely available.

So, like the manufacturers of hydrogen powered cars, Gumpert must also plan solutions that will enable its customers to actually drive this car. At the beginning, therefore, it plans rapid deliveries to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and supports the development of an appropriate supply network in North America and the Middle East. And although it seems a bit problematic, it should be remembered that the car will only reach 500 customers and not only because of such a limit, but also because of the cost of over 400,000 euros, so the company will certainly take good care of them.