Here is Cybertruck from Tesla as DeLorean in one of the scenes Back to the Future - News -

Here is Cybertruck from Tesla as DeLorean in one of the scenes Back to the Future

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The Tesla electric pickup is making a sensation around the world. Some love him and others hate him, but one thing is certain, Elon Musk and his team rocked the automotive industry, which will never be the same again.

The future of both small and powerful cars is electric drives. Thanks to them, vehicles will offer performance previously available only for supercars. One of them will also be Cybertruck, which is to be offered in the basic version for very reasonable money.

The electric pickup will not be available until next year, but it already wants to be owned by over 300,000 Americans. Although some time has passed since its premiere, its popularity has not decreased, and the best example of this is every now and then published on social networks some information, photos and videos with him in the lead role.

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Surfing the depths of the net we came across such a gem that will delight fans of the cult film series Return to the Future. Film and Cybertruck fans have replaced DeLorean MC-12 with an electric pickup truck in one of the opening scenes of the first part of the film. The effect, this cannot be described, must be seen. Behold!

We haven’t ordered our Cybertruck yet. However, it’s always worth to wait some more time to see how the market goes with the vehicle. 

Tesla is a company which opens a way for other manufacturers. More and more companies have started to develop and present their electric and autonomous vehicles. Cybertruck is also going to be leader and role model of the market. 

As we mentioned above, some of you hate Tesla, that’s right. But still they recieve more and more orders every year. Still, we believe that we shouldn’t be fans of any brand in the world. Tesla is one of the greatest technology companies, yes. However, there are many other companies and manufacturers in this sector to be followed and order vehicles from.  

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