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How about the design of the new Model S and Roadster inspired by Cybertruck?

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A week without information about Cybertruck is a week lost. According to this idea, today you will be able to see how Tesla fans would like to see new versions of Model S and Roadster. They will certainly appeal to legal representatives.

The concepts of enthusiasts of Elon Musk's ideas for the entire range of Tesla electric vehicles, inspired by the Cybertruck block, seem interesting and are not less controversial than the billionaire. Certainly they would find loyal fans who would like to own them, but we can be sure that they will not arise, unless we are talking here about springs or vehicles from LEGO blocks.

Such a block will be too coarse, and above all the aerodynamics, which are so important in electric sports vehicles, will suffer. This will be a problem, although, interestingly enough, physicists have made several analyzes and it turned out that Cybertruck has a pretty good, low drag coefficient for such a powerful machine.

Cybertruck has already received the first sports modificationCybertruck has already received the first sports modification

Certainly police departments may be interested in CyberModel S and CyberRoadster. The only thing that can be put into practice with these Cybertruck ideas is lights. In the era of LEDs, you no longer need to use large floodlights. Now they are replaced with small stripes.

The new Roadster from Tesla is expected to be available in 2021, and we don't have much to count on for the new Model S, because the company intends to continue its policy related only to small facelifts. As for Cybertruck, it is expected to appear in 2021 in the top version, and the basic one a year later. It is worth waiting for it, because a versatile, armored pickup truck with a sports flair will be available for only $40,000.

Over 200,000 orders have been received for Tesla's Cybertruck model. We will see what's next by 2020 and 2021! 

Over 200,000 orders for Cybertruck! Over 200,000 orders for Cybertruck!