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How to find the best power bank? 

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Editor : Said Murat

Today, almost everyone has a mobile device in their pocket or bag. Large screens, standby mode or complicated applications and games - all this makes the battery bar shrink rapidly. That is why it is always worth having an energy bank with you.

We advise on how to choose a power bank that has good parameters, but not the entire wallet.

What should be the capacity of the power bank?

This is of course the first thing we pay attention to when buying. People who need a powerbank that will charge one smartphone in a critical situation need a device with a capacity of approximately 5000 mAh. Of course, the more equipment you have with you, the higher the threshold will be, so you should compare the battery capacity of your devices and choose a powerbank model that will meet the requirements. A larger battery will also work if you forget to charge your equipment and prefer not to do it regularly.

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A question of performance

Remember, however, that battery capacity will never translate into a number of full 1:1 charging processes. During charging, there is an automatic loss of energy. Newer models are characterized by much higher performance than low-power power banks or older equipment. This is due to the type of components installed. If the links and the motherboard are of poor quality, the device will overheat when charging. This in turn will negatively affect the performance as well as the durability of the equipment and will cause some energy to be wasted.

In turn, good quality equipment will not only allow you to maintain high performance - often at a level above 90 percent - but also provides greater resistance to changing weather conditions. Too high or very low temperature does not affect battery consumption and its general condition. Therefore, if the equipment is to be used in the field, it is worth ensuring that it is resistant to temperature.

How much does a good power bank cost?

The price of equipment will always be a contentious issue. The market offers a large price discrepancy when it comes to individual models. Some of them can be bought for 10-20 USD, although it is usually equipment without flaws. More expensive power banks that have definitely better quality cost up to several hundred dollars. Choosing the cheapest model will not always be the best idea. Inferior quality cells and the motherboard can not only cause the powerbank to fail, but also to charge devices.

Safety of use

The biggest problem with cheap models is not only the loss of energy, but also a high failure rate. Sudden voltage surges or lack of energy flow control can pose a significant threat. Inappropriate voltage of the device can cause overheating of components, which in turn will permanently damage the battery, as well as all components sensitive to high temperatures. So it may turn out that after using faulty equipment, you will need to replace not only the battery, but the entire smartphone or tablet.

Unusual and practical power banks

Of course, people who can't carry a powerbank with them at all times don't have to rely on just one battery. Modern models of phone covers are equipped with powerbanks that offer support for batteries with more modest possibilities. A good idea for people who sometimes forget to charge the powerbank will be the solar version. Just leave the device in the sun and the battery will start charging itself. You can become completely independent of the cable.