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How to pay online? Safe and simple options for online shoppers

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With the increase in interest in online shopping, we have more opportunities to make payments online. 

We explain how you can pay for purchases and services on the internet and what to look for to make the transaction secure.

When shopping online, we usually have several payment options to choose from. For many people, the surest option is the option of paying on delivery - in cash or by card. Unfortunately, the store does not always allow this option. In this case, we can use: Online bank transfers, Payments by prepaid or credit card, Fast online transfers.

Polish payment system BLIK walks into the world!Polish payment system BLIK walks into the world!

Fast online transfers via bank account

Fast online transfers are carried out by the online payment operators. There are different options in many other countries. After selecting this option, a link to a specific transaction is most often generated and we are redirected to the bank's selection page. Then log in to our bank's website and make a transfer - all payment data will be automatically downloaded and the money will be transferred by the operator to the store. This method is very safe and fast - the money goes to the seller's account in a few minutes, thanks to which the seller can start a quick order. This option is very popular and much more safer among buyers.

Payments by prepaid or credit card

Card payments are probably the most widely used form of payment worldwide, not only on the web. When we buy online, it is safest to choose card payment made by a trusted online payment operator. The largest online stores cooperate with them, which guarantees transaction security.

A credit or payment card facilitates transactions in foreign currencies because many systems offer DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), which is the choice of the currency in which the payer's account will be charged. We do not have to pay extra for currency conversion, although we do not have the guarantee of the most favorable exchange rate.

Prepaid cards also work well when paying subscriptions and subscriptions, because the payment is automatically charged to our account if we agree. In this case, we do not have to remember to settle monthly obligations for services such as Netflix, Spotify or HBO Go.

By deciding to pay in advance for online purchases, we can choose from convenient and secure payment methods. We encourage you to opt for online payments made by trusted operators who guarantee the security of transactions and our data. Avoid clicking on links of unknown origin. We encourage you to read the information on the payment page carefully and thoroughly.