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How to use online banks safely? Here are the most important rules!

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Editor : Said Murat
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For many of us, online banking is already the norm - we log in to our accounts from both the browser and mobile applications. How to do it without exposing cybercriminals to attack? We advise on how to use online banks safely.

How to use online banks safely? This question should be asked by anyone with an online bank account. Fortunately, banks use strong encryption methods, making cyber criminals a really difficult task. Various identification methods as well as one-time transaction authorization codes also serve as security. However, this does not absolve us of responsibility and it is worth adhering to the basic principles of safe use of online banks.

Of course, we cannot give you the master keys for not getting hacked while online banking. However, these tips will help you a lot. 

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How to use online banks safely?

  • Do not provide electronic banking login details to third parties;

  • Never open suspicious attachments from incoming emails from an unknown address and do not click on links - beware, first of all, of emotionally marked messages that call for a quick response, e.g. making a transfer;

  • Pay attention if you log in to the correct bank website - criminals often take advantage of the fact that in internet addresses we make typos and create fake pages at such addresses that are deceptively similar to real bank pages;
  • Always use a secure, encrypted login address for the online banking website - never log in e.g. via e-mail links or Facebook messages - even friends' accounts can be used by fraudsters;
  • Check the date you last logged into online banking - if you have not logged in for a long time and the account activity indicates something else - report it to the bank quickly;
  • Create strong passwords;
  • Avoid using open Wi-Fi networks, e.g. in shopping malls;
  • Set limits for transactions with payment cards also made on the Internet;
  • Consider enabling SMS notifications regarding account activity, e.g. when making a large online payment;
  • Check the invoice number and recipient's details of online transfers.
  • Remember that whenever you notice disturbing activity on your account or have any questions about how to use banks online safely, you should contact your bank. Detailed information can be found on banks' websites (and often also on government websites) that can expand your knowledge of how to use the internet safely.

Now you know how to use online banks safely. Please use all the rules, and understand that this is a very important issue if you have an account at any bank.