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Japan is preparing an exaflops supercomputer

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Editor : Said Murat

The Country of Cherry Blossoms has great ambitions to build the fastest supercomputer in human history that will allow them to dethrone the United States and China in this field, and ultimately regain the name of a global pioneer.

Although tremendous progress is being made in the computers of the future, or quantum machines, still using their full utilitarian potential is a song of the future. Therefore, data centers still need to develop traditional units. With them, you can make calculations that are at a premium for the various industries of many countries.

The Japanese need even more powerful machines. The exaflops supercomputer has been built there for some time by Fujitsu. It will have a computing power of 1500 TFlop/s and was called Fugaku, in honor of the holy mountain of Fuji, which rises above Tokyo. The machine will replace the already worn K Computer, a supercomputer working at the Riken research institute.

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Fugaku is to be at least 10 times more efficient than the fastest supercomputer in the world at the moment, namely the American Summit. It is to be put into service in 2021. The Japanese are building it hard, because in the same year the Americans and the Chinese are also going to release the exaflops machines, so it can get very hot in this topic.

Fujitsu engineers boast that their machine will not only be the most efficient in the world, but also the most ecological. The Fugaku (A64FX) prototype with a computing power of 1.99 TFlop/s hit the first position in the famous Green500 ranking, i.e. machines that offer the highest computing power per unit of energy. A64FX reached 16876 GFlops/watt there.

In 2021, the Frontier system is expected to appear at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States. It will be powered by AMD EPYC processors, AMD Radeon Instinct graphics systems and the open ROC programming environment. ORNL researchers will use it to simulate, model and deepen knowledge about interactions that underlie weather, subatomic, genome, physics, and other important science.

We remind you that currently the fastest supercomputer is the American Summit with a computing power of 148.6 TFlop/s. American machine called Sierra (94.64 TFlop/s) also came second. Meanwhile, two more positions occupy supercomputers from the Middle Kingdom. These are Sunway TaihuLight (93.01 TFlop/s) and Tianhe-2A (61.44 TFlop/s).

Japan is always keep working hard to stay as pioneer on technology and innovation. Even many American and Chinese companies have inspired from Japanese innovations or companies. This is known obviously.