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McDonald’s to Introduce a 5G Device on April 15

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Editor : Said Murat
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The famous fast food chain McDonald’s has announced that they will introduce a 5G product on April 15.

It is not yet clear what the 5G product that is the subject of this announcement that amazes people.

5G technology, which has significantly changed the connection technology, attracts different companies towards it. Brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have launched 5G devices in a row. Apple continues to work for 5G devices. Yes, still we are waiting for good news from Apple about their new devices with 5G technology.

Ford makes car parts from McDonald's coffee wasteFord makes car parts from McDonald's coffee waste

It is not surprising for any of us that technology manufacturers launch 5G devices and continue to work for 5G devices. However, a company that will surprise us all seems to be preparing to take part in the 5G competition. The international fast food chain McDonald’s is preparing to offer a 5G device in China on April 15.

McDonald’s 5G device announcement was made through the company's WeChat account. The shared announcement posters feature a camera and a rectangular design. However, these details do not show what McDonald's 5G device will be. It is also seen in one of the promotional banners that the device will have face recognition feature.

As we mentioned above, the posters of McDonald's 5G device show that the device will be a 5G smartphone or 5G tablet. However, since there is no explanation, we only have guesses about what McDonald's device will be.

The fact that McDonald’s made the announcement in China may indicate that the device will only be available in China. The situation for other countries is not yet clear. The 5G device that will allow the fast food chain McDonald’s to enter the 5G market, the McDonald’s event to be held on April 15 will be announced.

So, it’s very soon that we will be able to know more about the new devices coming to the market.