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Microsoft closes all its stationary stores...

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Editor : Said Murat
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It seems that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the habits of consumers for good and major technology players are about to adapt to this new reality.

One of them is Microsoft, which decided not to re-open any of its stationary stores closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is no denying that this is quite a surprising decision, although in recent years we have been more and more willing to shop online because it reminded customers of the company's presence on the market. Apparently, however, in the case of such a giant it is not at all crucial, because the decision has already been made and Microsoft will focus on e-commerce and new customer service solutions, such as 1-on-1 video chats with customer service or technical departments.

Microsoft has already officially informed everyone about this step, so Microsoft Store outlets will slowly begin to disappear from public space. In recent months they have remained closed due to restrictions caused by CoVID-19, and a large part of their employees have been training educational and small business clients in conducting remote operations and other duties, so you shouldn't expect mass layoffs here, although we haven't met here no details yet, so time will show if Microsoft is up to the challenge and will retain most of the staff.

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We would also like to remind you that Microsoft spent years building its stationary stores in order not to stand out from such serious competitors as Apple. Their flagship facility, located on Manhattan's famous Fifth Avenue, opened at the end of 2015, literally a few blocks from the iconic "glass shop" of the Cupertino giant. It is also worth emphasizing that this is not the only bold decision that Microsoft has recently made, because literally a few weeks ago it turned out that the company is closing its Mixer streaming platform, in which a lot has invested (just mention the lucrative exclusive contract received by the famous Ninja ) to support Facebook Gaming. I wonder how all these treatments will translate into the company's profits - we will probably see for the next financial results.