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Model 3 from Tesla is finally available to everyone for $ 35,000

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Elon Musk, although not acting as the head of Tesla, kept his word about the low price of the smallest sedan of his company. You do not have to wait for Model 3 and it is available at a very affordable price.

For more than two years, Tesla's efforts have focused on boosting the production and promotion of the Model 3 car, which was presented as a cheaper alternative to the luxurious solutions of Model X SUV and Model S Sedan, costing at least $ 75,000. Now we have the official disclosure of this car for a mass audience, which costs much less, although of course we are still talking about the cost of 35 thousand dollars.

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Model 3 is available with a fairly minimalist interior and a battery that allows you to overcome 350 kilometers with a maximum speed of 210 km / h. There is also a premium option, with a range of 390 kilometers and a more comfortable interior, which was estimated at 37 thousand dollars. It is worth noting that for a long time Tesla had a problem with reaching the previously declared amount of 35 thousand dollars, but in the end it succeeded, mainly due to the reduction of the battery and federal tax rebate in the amount of 7,500 USD.

In any case, the queue of people waiting for their Model 3 is huge, which means that if only the prices of electric cars drop to a more reasonable level, many drivers are willing to change. Especially considering Tesla's refund policy, which allows you to try out the car and return it within 7 days or after driving less than 1000 miles, getting a full refund.

According to Tesla’s CEO, it is not possible to construct such a vehicle cheaper: "It is the lowest price at which we can sell this car. It is extremely difficult to create it for $35,000 and still maintain financial liquidity, hence the unfortunate necessity to reduce the number of employees."

It’s a true story that most of the automotive manufacturers have started to create new models with electric or hybrid options. If you heard something about new Europe’s rules, they have recently started blocking diesel vehicles in many cities in Europe. Moreover, buying electric car will be allow us to not pay taxes or get more discounts in many countries.

It’s clear that electric cars in the United States cheaper than the European markets. However, in several years, it will be quite standard option for us to get a electric car in Europe as well. At least, we hope so.

And how do you like Tesla Model 3? Would you like to change your current car for this electric gem?

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