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Most anti-viruses on Android are completely ineffective!

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Editor : Said Murat

During the last tests, within which 250 applications were carefully checked, it turned out that in most cases we may not use similar programs at all, because they do not work anyway.

The experiment was carried out by AV-Comparatives, an industry research group that evaluates antivirus programs in terms of their effectiveness. As part of their recent activities, they have checked 250 different Android apps from the Google Play store, and the results were very surprising. Each of the programs was tested using 2,000 of the most common android threats, and then recorded which were blocked and which remained undetected.

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The tests were, of course, carried out automatically, but with the use of real smartphones, not emulators. So we have a guarantee of their authenticity. What's more, the whole is designed in such a way that most classic anti-virus applications detect 100% of threats ... meanwhile, in case of Android, only 50 applications recorded a result of over 90%.

Besides, it turned out that not all of them scan the device for threats at all, but only mark all applications available on it, which were not included in the special list of exceptions. Interestingly, some even pointed themselves as suspicious, because the developers forgot to apparently add to the exceptions, while others were only clones of proven solutions, for which in addition you had to pay.

And if we add to this the fact that creators buy comments and rankings, users have the right to feel very lost in all this. So how can we be sure that we use the right application? It turns out that it is better not to be impressed with the frequency of updates and the number of downloads, but rather the reputation of the brand, because among the best falling programs were those from Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, BullGuard, Emsisoft, ESET, F-Secure, Kaspersky Lab , McAfee, Sophos, STOPzilla, Symantec, Tencent, Trend Micro, VIPRE, Lookout, Malwarebytes, CheckPoint, Webroot and Zeman.

Well, viruses are very important topics to discuss on for each device we have. Otherwise they may be our nightmares some time.

Mobile devices store everything we belong to. So, the most important part of this ecosystem is that we have to ensure of the safety of our devices.

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