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NASA shares the photo of astronauts who will fly to the moon and Mars

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Editor : Said Murat

The Artemis program is expected to bring people back to the Silver Globe by 2024. Preparations at NASA are at such an advanced level that it is almost certain that a historic event for humanity will take place in 4 years.

Lucky thirteen astronauts were the first to complete the large-scale exercises associated with the Artemida program, which is a continuation of the famous Apollo program. NASA has announced that eleven of these people can not only take part in flights to the surface of the Moon, but also in the first flight to Mars and the construction of a colony there.

Astronauts during historical flights will be equipped with the most modern suits and intelligent devices. As for the suits, they will be made of the most modern materials. They are to be much lighter than those currently used, much more resistant to temperature differences and to survive the inhospitable conditions of foreign objects. Of course, astronauts themselves are supposed to feel much more comfortable in them when they perform tasks for hours on the surface of the Silver Globe or Mars.

NASA presented spectacular panoramas straight from the surface of the MoonNASA presented spectacular panoramas straight from the surface of the Moon

The new suits will also work perfectly with vehicles and devices used during exploration. The suits will be equipped with technology that will enable them to self-repair and autonomous function if in some unexpected circumstances astronauts were not able to control the devices.

New suits are already being tested on board the International Space Station. Astronauts will check them not only in the tasks carried out in the space house, but also during space walks. In the next phase of the experiments, astronauts will be clad in new spacesuits, who will take part in a flight around the Moon, and later will land them on the very surface of the planet's natural satellite.

NASA also revealed that during the first landing of people on the moon in the 21st century, two people will come to its surface. Although it is still unknown who will receive this honor, it is already certain that the first woman will descend to the surface. The astronaut couple will stay afloat for almost 7 days and carry out important research on this fascinating object. An advanced rover will help them explore.

It is also unclear where the landing will take place, but there is talk of the Moon's South Pole (most likely Shackleton's crater). There are shady craters in which water ice is accumulated. As you probably guessed, astronauts will take his samples and try to use water, oxygen and hydrogen for the needs of their functioning there.