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No need to find parking lot anymore. Cars do it for us. 

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Editor : Said Murat
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We have already seen systems in which robots parked cars in crowded airport car parks, and now the time has come for something new, i.e. intelligent parking, parking cars by itself.

Sounds like a big fake? Clearly, only that we are talking about the real solution introduced in the museum of Mercedes-Benz automotive history in Stuttgart, for the design of which Daimler and Bosch are responsible for. Well, let us not fool ourselves, parking is not pleasant, especially when we can not find a free place (customers often choose taxis, because then you do not have to worry about such details) or a cullet happens to us, which will cost us an increase in the insurance price .

In short, many drivers would pay a lot for being able to drive without having to park, and Bosch and Daimler are going to use it. It is worth noting that both companies have been working on parking assistance solutions since 1995, and some of them have already hit the cars, significantly reducing the number of unwanted parking events, so they have a lot of experience here. For some 4 years, they have focused on car parks that do not require drivers, and recently announced that soon in the said museum visitors will be able to find out for themselves.

The car recognizes the age, gender, weight and position of passengers!The car recognizes the age, gender, weight and position of passengers!

And it's about parking, which will navigate the car to the right place without the driver's participation. The technology has already been tested for some time, but with the participation of the safety driver who takes control of the car if it is necessary, but ultimately goes without a man - the corporations showed their solution, among others in China, and now they have reported that they have obtained the necessary permits to apply them in Europe. So when can we visit the Mercedes-Benz automotive history museum in Stuttgart to test them? We do not know the exact date, but Bosch and Daimler assure you that it will be soon.

And how does it work at all? Special sensors are built into the parking lot, which make it easier for the system to drive the car and scan the room 25 times per second to make sure there are no cars, pedestrians or cyclists on the road - thanks to them you can also determine whether the car will fit into a specific place. However, as you can easily guess, there must be a catch, because everything looks too beautiful and ... is, for the time being the services of this system will be available only to properly equipped Mercedes-Benz models. It is true that Bosch ensures that the technology is compatible with every car, if they are equipped with a few specific functionalities, but for now it will be a pleasure for a few. But who knows, maybe this is how the future will look like?