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OnePlus presents Concept One: an innovative smartphone with a disappearing camera

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Editor : Said Murat
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Is it just the end of massive protruding camera modules in smartphones? Surely we have made an important step in this direction, or rather OnePlus did it with its new solution.

OnePlus at CES boasted its new smartphone, which has heralded for some time, although it must be emphasized immediately that, as the name suggests, we are dealing with a concept here, so there is no guarantee that this will even hit the market (but many it indicates). At first glance, the device looks like OnePlus 7 Pro with a retractable selfie camera, but cooperation with McLaren resulted in a new color version in a typical shade for this group with a leather finish on the rear panel.

This not only looks great, but also significantly improves the comfort of using a smartphone, because unlike glass, metal or plastic, the skin does not tend to slip out of your hand. This, however, does not end with sports car inspirations, because the Concept One can also boast of disappearing cameras on the back - all thanks to the electrochromic glass, which can be found even in the McLaren 720S Spider model, and more precisely on its sunroof.

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It can be both transparent and opaque, depending on the needs of the user and the same mechanism OnePlus uses in his new smartphone. The cameras are hidden under the glass, which is opaque during typical use, but becomes transparent when we turn on the camera application. Sounds like science fiction? Yes and it looks like it, but there is no magic here, and the process is extremely efficient, because it takes about 0.7 seconds, which is exactly how much it takes to start the camera.

Because OnePlus brought a working prototype to the Las Vegas trade fair, everyone could see for themselves that the solution works 100%. What's more, the glass used will also help improve the quality of photographs taken in strong light, all thanks to a neutral density filter that limits exposure, allowing you to get a sharper image. All you need to do is go to Pro mode in the application and select the ND filter option that appears in the upper right corner.

To sum up, the solution promises to be great and lets you think about the future of smartphones without protruding camera modules, but remember that it is only a concept, so there is no guarantee that we will put our hands on it. Time will tell us all.