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Samsung Galaxy Fold with 7.3-inch foldable screen launched

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We are already after the official premiere of the first folding smartphone from Samsung, which is advertised by the company as the most groundbreaking mobile device of recent years and the king of smartphones in 2019.

The premiere of Galaxy Fold has been somewhat overshadowed by the new flagship, Galaxy S10, which will be available in stores in three varieties. Meanwhile, the innovative smartphone of the Korean company not only brought down to the knees of all fans of novelty in the world of mobile equipment with its unique, refined and luxurious look, but above all the price.

It’s going to be a little expensive device, right. Most probably it will start at $1,980 in US. It is even higher than the highest Galaxy S10 + model, but it must be noted that this is a completely different class of equipment, because in Galaxy S10 case we deal with an ordinary, though fat smartphone, but when it comes to Galaxy Fold, it changes into a tablet. However, it’s still an expensive device, obviously.

The world's first folding smartphone: Royole FlexPaiThe world's first folding smartphone: Royole FlexPai

Samartfon in spread mode, i.e. tablet, has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Dynamic AMOLED screen (4.2: 3) with a resolution of 2152 × 1536 pixels. Meanwhile, after folding, the device offers a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED screen (21: 9) with a resolution of 1600 × 900 pixels. In this configuration, it easily provides free work and full capabilities offered by the latest version of Android, like the latest Galaxy S10. That sounds cool.

The Galaxy Fold, folded down into a tablet, will allow for automatic and immediate transition to the full-size version of the application, which is referred to as the App Continuity, and continuing work at a more advanced level, which only tablets and ultrabooks offer. Samsung emphasizes here that the tablet mode allows you to work with the support of three applications at the same time.

The screen has no problem to survive hundreds of thousands of assemblies and spreads. The device will be coming in several color versions: Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Martian Green and Astro Blue. On the Galaxy Fold, board will be a 7-nanometer processor and 12 GB RAM.

According to Samsung, it will be the most powerful smartphone on the market, even more than the latest Galaxy S10 +. As for the data space, there will be 512 GB of Universal Flash memory available, which provides ultra-fast read and write of files.

The Korean company also ensures that when using an innovative smartphone of the future, you will not run out of battery. The device has a battery in total capacity of up to 4380 mAh.

Samsung's pride is also its cameras. At the back side, there will be three cameras: ultra wide angle 16MP (F2,2), 12MP wide-angle Dual Pixel (OIS, F1,5 / F2,4) and 12MP telephoto lens (PDAF, OIS, F2,4) with double optical zoom. On the other side, we find two 10 MP (F2,2) and 8MP RGB (F1,9) cameras. On the front there will be a single 10MP camera (F2,2).

The first foldable smartphone with a flexible screen from Samsung stores in the United States is expected to appear on April 26. Prices start from 1980 USD. Interestingly, the models will be available for both LTE and 5G models, and along with the device we will receive Galaxy Buds headphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to be a big step for the industry. We will see what will be the next.