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Samsung Galaxy S11 will detect the amount of sugar in the fruit

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New smartphones will not only soon delight us with good photographs, but also offer us very practical functions that you will not find in even the best mobile devices currently available on the market.

Google has been working for a long time on a special application dedicated to its smartphone line called Pixel. We all have been talking about this amazing things for a while. In the fourth generation of these devices, on their decks they will find the latest motion sensors, microphones and speakers that will be able to detect danger and call the appropriate emergency services. The whole system will be based on the application. If the Pixel 4 device detects an accident, it asks the user if something disturbing is happening, if he does not react, then the application will call for help quickly. That sounds amazing, right?

Meanwhile, Samsung plans to introduce in its smartphones from the Galaxy S11 line the function of detecting objects that are suitable for food, as well as determining e.g. how much sugar they contain. This practical benefit is to be possible thanks to the integrated infrared spectrometer, which will be located at the back of the device.

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When using this function, the spectrometer will send electromagnetic waves towards the given objects, including infrared and visible light, and based on the reflected beams returning to the device's sensors, certain components will be detected. Samsung engineers are even talking about the detection of smoke, atmospheric CO2, and even blood glucose. They really work hard, as it is seen.

Galaxy S11 is to be a breakthrough smartphone. Finally, the Korean company will decide to reach for its most powerful sensor, namely the new 108-megapixel ISOCELL Bright HMX matrix, which can take great photos with a resolution of up to 12032×9024 pixels.

What about Apple? What do we expect from them in the next year? Will they continue to work on the camera and processor, or one day they will start to think about the futurism? Soon we can start gossiping on them. Stay tuned.