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Samsung is preparing 144 MP cameras!

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Editor : Said Murat

Samsung is not idle. In the ending year, they designed, built and offered competition three great cameras for smartphones with 48, 64 and 108 MP matrices. Koreans have not yet said the last word.

The engineers from the group already have a new sensor almost ready, characterized by recording the image in as much as 144 megapixels. We can expect that the photos taken with this monster will have a resolution of up to 16000px by 9000px and will go to flagship smartphones, because only such will have processors and memory that will quickly cope with the processing of such amount of data and their storage.

In 2020, Samsung wants to become the leader of the world of mobile photography. All this is due to powerful sensors and a new lithographic process, which will now be 14 nm. For sure, the 144 MP main camera will not be seen in the Galaxy S11 series smartphones. It is likely that it will be on board the Galaxy Note 11, which will be presented in the middle of next year. Perhaps it will also appear in the next generation of folding Fold or a completely new, innovative device.

Samsung to hide the front-facing camera behind screenSamsung to hide the front-facing camera behind screen

Samsung has recently neglected its photographic qualities in its smartphones. In spite of building great cameras, in the first place they went to the competition devices. Not only that, they appeared on board mid-range smartphones. It was in a way a shot in the knee of Samsung. Now this trend is about to change. New sensors are to appear in the Galaxy and Note lines first, and only later on the competition.

Funny numbers in the style of 16 MP and 20 MP on the specifications of Samsung smartphones in the face of 64 MP and 108 MP Xiaomi will end. The 144 MP camera and top-class optics are to leave all global competition in the rankings of this type of device in the subject of mobile photography.

The new smartphones will not only offer good quality photos with a powerful 50x hybrid zoom and digital up to 100x, but also 4K video recording at 120 frames per second, and even 8K.

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