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SelfieType: Samsung presents at CES 2020 an invisible keyboard

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Editor : Said Murat

The Korean giant during CES 2020 revealed a bit more details about its smartphone projector application, which is able to provide users with the experience similar to typing on a classic keyboard.

At first glance, everything looks like a big fake or rather does not look at all, because we are talking about a keyboard thrown on the table with a projector, which you can not see at all. 

Samsung treats this project as seriously as possible. According to the sensors on the front of the smartphone are able to track the location of the user's fingers on a table or other surface, thanks to which the user gets the opportunity to use the convenient "WASD" keyboard.

Samsung to hide the front-facing camera behind screenSamsung to hide the front-facing camera behind screen

Everything can be seen in the video below, which shows that an invisible keyboard can actually be more natural and convenient for the user than touching small icons on the screen, but there is one small "but". The project is part of a larger collection of Samsung C-Lab novelties presented during CES 2020 and so far has only been demonstrated on devices of this manufacturer - the tablet (everything is indicated by the Galaxy Tab S6) as well as the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold smartphones.

The latter deserves special attention here, because due to the flexible display, most likely, it will not need any additional accessories for this (although it uses a coffee mug during the presentation, but we assume that it can be positioned better). In other cases, we have to take into account the need to put the smartphone in the right position for the sensors - the question is, isn't it a shame to spend so much time playing with the application? We leave the assessment to you, but in our opinion SelfieType will only work for people who write on the smartphone really a lot. 

In addition, Samsung does not mention anything about the date of the debut of the software, which currently functions as a demo.

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