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Tesla’s Model Y to be unveiled this month!

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The billionaire has recently been tossing curiosities about Tesla and his future plans for electrification of the United States and the rest of the world using his vehicles. The coming weeks promise to be very interesting.

The long awaited small SUV (crossover) built on the basis of Model 3 will premiere in Los Angeles on March. However, the prototype is to be further developed until the end of 2020. Then, it is planned to finish the work and start mass production. Musk said that in the case of a smaller SUV, there will be no production stops and problems that occurred in the first months of production of Model 3. Hopefully.

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The Y model will be the first fully electric Tesla vehicle produced outside of the United States. Well, its production is planned in Europe, Australia and China. Later on, it will be descended from Gigafactory 3 assembly tapes located in Chinese Shanghai. In addition to it, Model 3 will also be installed there for the extremely absorptive market when it comes to electric vehicles.

The Chinese government has extremely ambitious plans. In the next 10 years, China plans to be the world leader not only in the production of fully electric vehicles, but also on the local roads is to move the most on this type of ecological vehicles. Tesla hopes that with the help of the Chinese market, it will survive on the market and create even more competitive products.

Elon Musk revealed that the Model Y will be similar to Model 3, but 10 percent larger than it, 10 percent more expensive, and has a slightly smaller range with the same batteries on board as the sedan. Unfortunately, Model Y will not have the Falcon Wing doors open up, like a larger SUV, Model X. We can expect that the price of the cheapest version of Model Y may amount to about 40 thousand dollars.

Unveiling the Model Y seems to be a very good move on the part of Tesla struggling with big financial problems. At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes and Audi are going to present their visions of fully electric crossovers, so competition in this area will be huge in the coming years. If you follow us frequently, you might already know that electric vehicles are getting much more popular for all the manufacturers nowadays.

By the way, the information about the premiere of the Model Y, Musk also announced the launch of new V3 Superchargers, which will not only have more power, but also in a shorter time will complement the energy in batteries from fully electric vehicles from Tesla. It promises to be quite an expansion of this American company on the domestic and international market, which was created just a little over a decade ago.

Well, not only Tesla, all the manufacturers do their best to be in this sector with their electric cars. Several years ago, it was one of our dreams to have a full electric car in our garage. Now, we can make even plans to get it. Can you imagine what would happen in 5 years?

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