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The American army is testing another novelty

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If you like to watch action movies, then you have probably seen them many times how the heroes are hiding from the fire under water. Well, with today's novelty of the American army it seems pointless.

We're talking about tungsten underwater cartridges created by DSG Technologies, which produce gas bubbles when moving underwater, which Defense One says drastically reduces drag. This is the effect of supercavitation, i.e. a physical phenomenon involving the creation of a gas bubble around an object immersed in a liquid, surrounding the entire object, which can be observed even at torpedoes or some ships. With standard cartridges, we do not observe it, so when they fall into the water, they slow down significantly.

U. S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is currently subjecting the new solution to various tests, one of which is firing them from under the water towards the surface. Odd Leonhardsen of DSG Technologies claims, however, that new cartridges are also sold to other governments, so Americans are not exclusive. And although the cartridges never got the name, it will certainly be loud about them. It is enough to mention that the creators fired them from the helicopter directly into the water, suggesting possible use against submarines.

France will have an air-space armyFrance will have an air-space army

Tests show that a 50 caliber bullet can traverse up to 60 meters underwater or break through a 2 cm steel plate and then travel 17 meters. These missiles are effective against submerged targets and those in the air. Depending on the weapon and loading system used, the ammunition is suitable for use with partially or fully submerged weapons, regardless of whether the target is on the surface or underwater - adds DSG Technologies. Although the creators do not reveal how cartridges produce gas, Popular Mechanics believes that they somehow use the gas released when the load is burned. We know that the ammunition will work with existing weapons and is able to break through bulletproof vests and sandbags.

We regularly share new posts about new technologies and innovations to tell you that there are thousands of companies which are working to create a smart world. However, this is another case that technology is being used for armies and wars, very often. Weapon technologies is another sector that countries invest on a lot. United States of America is at the top of those countries, obviously. 

Hopefully we one day all the wars will stop permanently. As technology is climbing to the sky, they find more innovative ways to fight with each other. Who knows, maybe one day countries will fight only in virtual world. Well, we can write a new post on this topic to clarify what we mean with it.