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France will have an air-space army

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Emmanuel Macron, president of France, follows in the footsteps of his friend, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, on the issue of creating a space army to protect national orbital installations and future bases on the moon.

The celebration of the Bastille Day coincided with the presentation by France of new plans for the development of the army and its participation in the protection not only of the airspace over the country, but also interests in the Earth's orbit, and in the future also on objects traversing the Solar System. Emmanuel Macron will soon establish a new type of army, namely air and space forces.

They are to replace the existing Commissions of the Interoperées de l'Espace (CIE), that is, the Connected Space Forces. They were involved in overseeing the smooth operation of spy and research satellites. The obese country has five observation satellites, four intelligence and four communication satellites.

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France has ambitious plans related to space. This is not only research, but also defensive. In the face of the ever-increasing aspirations of world superpowers in the matter of expanding their military space installations and the increasingly real vision of space wars, the country does not want to be left behind and the most effective for such a future to be prepared.

As part of cooperation with Luxembourg and the European Space Agency, France in the 2020s and 2030s intends to support research and crew missions to the Moon and Mars, and to become one of the pioneers of cosmic mining on asteroids.

During the celebration of Bastille Day, Emmanuel Macron and his guests had the opportunity to watch an extraordinary spectacle that took place in the sky. The head of Zapata Racing appeared on his invention called Flyboard Air with a weapon in his hand. This event was a kind of a harbinger of the creation of air-space forces, whose soldiers will have futuristic technologies for the 21st century.

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