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The Polish company has created innovative and efficient solar glass for cars and homes

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Editor : Said Murat
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Innovative windshields will produce green electricity to power energy-consuming devices installed on cars. Thanks to them, the quality of traveling will increase significantly.

ML System has designed and prepared a special laminated glass that will be supplemented with a laser engraving or a quantum dot nano layer. Solar windows will produce energy to power the air conditioning at a standstill, electronics, our smartphone, as well as LED dipped headlights.

Transparent solar cells are the future of the automotive industry. New vehicles are increasingly packed with the latest electronics, and powering it requires energy, which is currently supplied from batteries powered by engine operation and fossil fuel combustion. It is irrelevant whether we are dealing with an internal combustion or electric car. Oil and coal are currently at stake.

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Poles want to change this sad reality with their invention. Engineers from ML System emphasize that solar glass works both while driving and when parked. The only condition is that the car is in direct sunlight. Much more clean energy will power the vehicle. Interestingly, photovoltaic windows also make the car less warm up at full sun.

"They do not lose their efficiency over time and are resistant to weather conditions. And above all they can be completely transparent. Quantum dots are more stable, which means that they do not degrade, I can be completely transparent or have a fixed color, which in the case of perovskite material is impossible, they don't have to contain harmful elements ”- we can read on ML System's website.

The great news can be the fact that on hot and sunny days the panels will provide free energy to power the air conditioning system, so that before we go on a journey in the vehicle, we will already enter the cool interior. The Poles project has already received almost 4.4 million USD in funding from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).

The ML System company is not focused solely on providing solar glass for cars. Soon windows will also appear for use in the windows of houses, flats and even office buildings. The systems can provide from 100 to 400 W/m2.