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The world's fastest one-wheel motorcycle is here!

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Editor : Said Murat

Automotive has seen in its history many bizarre inventions that were taken out of the world of science fiction. A vehicle was built by students from the American Duke University fits in perfectly.

EV360 is the perfect name for this weirdness. We are dealing here with a spherical design of a motorcycle and an electric drive. It doesn't really have one wheel, it's just a wheel. Either way, it's not a toy, because it accelerates to 112 km/h, so much faster than road bikes.

Duke University students boast that their vehicle is currently the fastest of its kind in the world. They are so confident that they intend to break the speed record for unicycles and sign up for one of the pages of the World Guinness Book of Records.

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The EV360 is powered by an electric motor with less than 15 HP continuous power and 31 HP peak. It may surprise you, but the students originally did not plan to build it with a view to setting new speed records. They wanted to create a vehicle that could cover many kilometers at very low costs.

The monowheel has a small lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 1.58 kWh. Thanks to it, it can travel 15 kilometers at a speed of 32 km/h. Apparently not much, because the range is similar to scooters, but students are not interested in commercializing this invention. They treat it more as a research and development object.

The EV360 is controlled quite simply. At low speeds, this can be done by shifting the center of gravity with the legs. At higher speeds it gets harder, so straight ahead remains. Students want to equip it with a gyroscope to make it easier to run, if they fail to establish a new speed record, which since 2017 belongs to the UK Monowheel Team and is 98 km/h.

We sincerely congratulate smart students of Duke University who has been working on this vehicle. 


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